We have teas to help you through the whole day included in our weekly tea selection. If you’re anything like us you probably like to drink different teas throughout your day. After all, some teas are great at getting you going in the morning, others for helping with digestion after meals and others just help you to relax before bed.

Our Weekly Tea Selection includes 7 servings of each of the 4 teas we drink most frequently throughout our day. We hope you enjoy it!

The caddy contains:

7 x English Breakfast
7 x Chaquoing Green
7 x Chamomile
7 x Peppermint

Loose Tea - Optimal Brewing

Add 1 x10gm sachet of tea (enough for 3-4 cups of tea) to teapot. Bring water to a boil (100°C). Infuse 4-5 minutes; add as much or as little tea as you like to reach your desired strength and / or the desired number of cups of tea

Pyramid Teabags – Optimal Brewing

Add 1 x pyramid teabag to teapot / cup. Bring water to a boil (100°C). In-fuse 4-5 minutes.


100% Organic, Assam black tea.

Leaf Grade

Orthodox Whole Leaf – TGFOP.