It’s a good time to invest in tea. And Hope & Glory has been at the forefront of a ‘tea revolution’ to change what consumers expect and demand of tea. We believe consumers should settle for no less than Hope & Glory, even if it disrupts their old familiar notions of tea.

With the growing demand for premium experiences, the thirst for premium quality tea has never been greater. Indeed, research shows that the value of tea in Britain has grown significantly in the last 3 years, as young people try new teas, tea flavours and experiences out-of-home. The current focus on health, wellness and well-being means a strong demand for tea made from the best ingredients. And more than ever, people speak of the art and theatre of tea in the same tones as the art and theatre of wine.

Hope & Glory Tea offers investors a slice of our world. Hope & Glory Tea is a privately-owned, family-run, ethical British business. We are purveyors of premium, organic, whole-leaf tea sourced from gardens and plantations that belong to the Ethical Tea Partnership. In the two years since we launched the company, we have succeeded in growing our business in the out-of-home market, specifically, food service, retail and events. Today we are the tea suppliers of choice of prestigious hospitality and lifestyle companies. Our mission is to revolutionise people’s expectations of tea, so that one day tea drinkers insist on being served only the premium, best quality tea.

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