A full bodied, organic black tea sourced from the Assam region of North East India. The tea estates of Assam follow the fertile floodplains of the mighty Brahmaputra River, a hot humid region, at sea level. Assam teas are renowned for their strength, thickness and malty character and are best served with milk. Second flush Assam is a seasonal tea, with the best quality teas being plucked during the month of June. This tea is best served with milk.

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Loose Tea - Optimal Brewing

Add 1 x10gm sachet of tea (enough for 3-4 cups of tea) to teapot. Bring water to a boil (100°C). Infuse 4-5 minutes; add as much or as little tea as you like to reach your desired strength and / or the desired number of cups of tea

Pyramid Teabags – Optimal Brewing

Add 1 x pyramid teabag to teapot / cup. Bring water to a boil (100°C). In-fuse 4-5 minutes.


100% Organic, Assam black tea.

Leaf Grade

Orthodox Whole Leaf – TGFOP.