This luxury gift-wrapping includes a navy blue gift box that has been gold-embossed and foiled. The Hope & Glory® branding is a sign of premium quality and the use of 100% organic ingredients, all of which have been ethically and sustainably grown. Inside, you will find a cream-coloured, luxury tissue paper lining that is complemented by a navy blue satin-gloss ribbon.  All of this has been carefully hand-wrapped by our team to ensure a luxurious feeling and a personal touch.

Present this to someone special in your life if you’d like to show them how much you care.


Lapsang Souchong, Milky Oolong, Organic Japanese Sencha, Relax, Vanilla Chai, Virgin White Tea, White Assam, Mixed Selection, Assam, Chamomile, Darjeeling, Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Chaquoing Green, Jasmine Green, Masala Chai, Peppermint, Red Velvet, Rooibos